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GELASON: The Gift of Suffering

  By John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Steve Gleason offers you a gift in the new documentary that bears his name. He offers access to the most intimate parts of his difficult journey. He offers… Continue reading

Collective Connections: A Barbershop For Everyone

By John Bucher (@johnkbucher) There remain a few human connections we all share in our ever-changing journey of cultural and technological advancement. We all eat. We all drink. We all sleep. We all… Continue reading

In Defense of Eagles: The Necessity of Stories That Inspire

By John Bucher (@johnkbucher) It’s sad and shocking to me how certain types of stories get branded with pop culture terms that render them ineffective. “Inspirational” will keep certain film goers away from… Continue reading

THE REVENANT and the Myth of Redemptive Violence

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Walter Wink coined the phrase “the myth of redemptive violence” in his 1999 book, The Powers That Be. The idea behind the myth is that the only way one… Continue reading

The Palace of Wonder in the Culture of Answers

    In the series premiere of The Leftovers, the opening teaser plays like a masterful sleight of hand. Something that was right before us disappears. It’s gone. We are quickly introduced to… Continue reading

THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD released on Amazon.com

My book, THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD: Faith and the Rising Vampire in Popular Culture, has been released on Amazon.com. To purchase it, click here: THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD


I had the privilege of leading a discussion on the death of the film critic at Reel Spirituality 2011 in Pasadena, CA. last weekend. Elvis Mitchell (The Treatment), Claudia Puig (USA Today), Mark… Continue reading

Thoughts on Jason Retiman’s UP IN THE AIR

At the risk of looking like I am jumping on the band wagon, I wish to offer my praise for Jason Reitman’s UP IN THE AIR. This was the first film that I… Continue reading

Thoughts on John Lee Hancock’s THE BLINDSIDE

I had no plans to see this film. I was talked in to it by people whose cinematic opinions I trust. Once I was in the theater and saw John Lee Hancock’s name… Continue reading

Thoughts on Chris Weitz’s NEW MOON

Since I am currently working on a book dealing with faith and the current vampire craze in pop culture, I will save all metaphoric connections and more in-depth thoughts for my longer work.… Continue reading