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I Do Declare – Looking For Truth in The Leftovers

I grew up on a healthy diet on Bugs Bunny cartoons. A few years ago, I happened upon one of my favorites, while flipping the channels. I was shocked to see how unaware… Continue reading

HOW TO BE AFRAID – Looking at The Leftovers

My introduction to the idea of the rapture came through film and television, so my attention was naturally drawn to The Leftovers since first learning about the show. Having read Tom Perotta’s book… Continue reading

preparing for THE LEFTOVERS

HBO’s new drama THE LEFTOVERS premieres Sunday, June 29, 2015. Be watching this blog for weekly insights into the show and the conversations around it.

THE LEFTOVERS coming soon…

I will soon be blogging weekly about the new HBO show THE LEFTOVERS. You can begin to familiarize yourself with the show here…