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Six Sightings of a Yet Unseen Force at Work in THE LEFTOVERS

1. THE SUDDEN VEHICLE DEATH INCIDENT – Kevin curses God.  His truck suddenly dies and then won’t start again. The look on Kevin’s face reveals that even he is having trouble dismissing the… Continue reading


            1) HE IS A LONE WOLF. He’s lost his church, job and wife as he once knew her. His friends and family are constant sources of discouragement… Continue reading

My comparison of Matt Jamison and Job is live on HBO’s site

  Click the image above to read my comparison of Matt Jamison and Job on HBO’s site for The Leftovers.


The title of this week’s episode of The Leftovers was “Two Boats and a Helicopter.” For those unaware of the title’s origin, it’s based on the punch line to a classic joke about… Continue reading

Kevin’s Bagel: Beyond A Burnt Breakfast

If you are watching The Leftovers, you should really be a part of the conversation at Here is one of their latest examinations.


A few years ago, I needed some help. My wife and I had purchased a large photograph that we wanted to hang in our living room. We were living in a complex that… Continue reading

The Theology Behind HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS

Great article from Matthew Paul Turner 0n the theology behind THE LEFTOVERS:–politics.html

The Palace of Wonder in the Culture of Answers

    In the series premiere of The Leftovers, the opening teaser plays like a masterful sleight of hand. Something that was right before us disappears. It’s gone. We are quickly introduced to… Continue reading

THE LEFTOVERS brings conventional morality back to cable

Examining the nature of difference in BOUND BY FLESH

Unusual entertainment has always fallen under particular scrutiny from the public eye. We try to determine what is truly full of wonder and what is spectacle. Historically, we’ve often failed to recognize the… Continue reading