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10 Things We Now Know About the Garveys


My latest take on The Leftovers is up on HBO’s site,  

The Surprisingly Connected Worlds of The Leftovers and Deadwood

At first glance, there couldn’t be two more different shows in the history of television than The Leftovers and Deadwood. One is a modern mystery, the other a western noir. But is it… Continue reading

Underwater Spiders, Riddles, & The Cairo Connection on HBO’s site:

My latest thoughts about the May 1972 issue of National Geographic and how it plays into The Leftovers is up on HBO’s site.

The 316 Conspiracy: What is Rev. Matt Jamison hiding?

The Leftovers has given us several clues thus far that Rev. Matt Jamison may be hiding something. Could his motivation for “saving” the Guilty Remnant be less than honorable? Let’s look at some… Continue reading

JOHN BUCHER’s script JIMMY EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – Semi-Finalist in Major Fests

I am excited to announce that my script JIMMY EMPIRE STRIKES BACK has been selected as a semi finalist in the 2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival’s Screenplay Competition. The winning script will be produced.… Continue reading

“The Leftovers” is the first show to truly take religion seriously

My look at Mapleton’s potential prophets is up on HBO’s site

The Laws of the Prophets

In my early years, I was enamored with the idea of prophecy. I watched an HBO documentary about Nostradamus more than a dozen times as a child. I was raised in a religious… Continue reading

HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Heats Up After Tepid Start (SPOILERS)