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BETTER TALK SAUL podcast – GUEST: JOHN BUCHER of Welcome to the Sideshow


“It could be argued that all of life is one great coincidence,” Jimmy McGill theorizes in Hero, the fourth installment of AMC’s new hit, Better Call Saul. What doesn’t seem to be a… Continue reading

BETTER CALL SAUL: Broken Legs, Hammurabi’s Code, & the Ancient Art of Law

The idea of law is complex. At various times in the history of the human social structure, who decided what was acceptable and just how that was to be defined changed radically. Usually… Continue reading

THE ETHICS OF BETTER CALL SAUL: Talking to Bob Odenkirk & Vince Gilligan

When I asked Bob Odenkirk if he could talk about Saul Goodman’s ethics on his new show, Better Call Saul, premiering this week on AMC, he effortlessly demonstrated why he is the heir… Continue reading

Talking Wonder, Faith, and Science with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson might be the most intelligent man alive. The case for this claim would not be hard to make. If not THE most intelligent, he’s certainly one of the most interesting.… Continue reading

The Uncommon Conflict of A Man Named Common

            “James Bevel wasn’t perfect. Martin Luther King wasn’t perfect. That’s what I loved about getting to experience this film. You got to see the human beings.” Common could… Continue reading


I grew up afraid of people that disagreed with me. I think I learned to do that in church. The standard reaction to those we disagreed with was avoidance. I remember learning that… Continue reading

7 Reasons People of Faith Should See THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING

The Theory of Everything explores the life of Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne.) While certainly giving screen time to his work, the film concentrates most of its efforts on Hawking’s relationships, specifically with his… Continue reading

The Overnighters: What Does It Mean To Be Good?

What does it mean to be good? What does it really mean to love your neighbor? If you’re like me, theory is much easier to come by than practice. I talk a good… Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Damon Lindelof talks about THE LEFTOVERS

Wednesday night (October 28, 2014) at the Television Academy in Los Angeles, Damon Lindelof discussed his role as a show runner on LOST and THE LEFTOVERS. Lindelof revealed that he and his staff had… Continue reading