7 Reasons People of Faith Should See THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING


The Theory of Everything explores the life of Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne.) While certainly giving screen time to his work, the film concentrates most of its efforts on Hawking’s relationships, specifically with his first wife, Jane (Felicity Jones.) Here are 7 reasons why People of Faith should see this film.

BECAUSE WE WANT TO LEARN–Conversations in the film between People of Faith and Atheists model civility, love, and respect – something both groups could greatly benefit from.

BECAUSE WE WANT TO GROW–This is a film “we” might not normally go see – and that’s a shame. It’s a hard story not to love. The film might challenge us in certain ways, but that should always be a reason to explore a subject, never to run away from it.

BECAUSE WE WANT TO BE SURPRISED–The faith of Hawking’s wife, Jane, is authentic and interesting. She walks this out in ways that will make you think and catch you off guard.

BECAUSE WE’RE GIVEN RESPECT–This is a film that treats People of Faith fairly and with respect – which is quite a feat considering this is a story about the life of an Atheist.

BECAUSE WE DON’T FEAR THE TRUTH— The TRUTH is always presented as everyone’s goal in the film. Every character is on a journey. They might come to different conclusions, but none are any less sincere.

BECAUSE WE EMBRACE THE POWER OF LOVE–This is a film about real love disguised as a film about science. Nothing Hawking finds while exploring the mysteries of the universe can compete with the connection he finds with those who love and care for him. Seeing Hawking hold his children in the film communicates volumes about what life is truly about.

BECAUSE WE CAN BE BETTER–The film deals with extremely complex matters of gray in simple and beautiful ways – something we need greater practice at and investment in. Our world is not getting any less difficult to explain. Those who can articulate its complexities without promoting fear will become the voices people listen to.

The Theory of Everything is in theaters this weekend. GO SEE IT.