The 316 Conspiracy: What is Rev. Matt Jamison hiding?


The Leftovers has given us several clues thus far that Rev. Matt Jamison may be hiding something. Could his motivation for “saving” the Guilty Remnant be less than honorable? Let’s look at some of the clues that we have about Matt’s potential ulterior motives.

First, Matt has taken to quoting what seem to be scriptures from the Bible. However, under closer examination, his words of wisdom actually come from sources at odds with the traditional Christianity he preaches. Recently, in a conversation with Kevin, Matt quoted the Gospel of Thomas – a book most Christians do not accept as part of the inspired canon. In fact many Christian leaders claim the book is actually a work of heresy. In episode 7, Matt quotes from a story in the Bible about Joseph and his father. Matt’s exact quote is actually not from the Bible at all. It’s from Yusuf 12:5 in the Qur’an. Could it be that Matt is not follower of Christianity at all? Are all his efforts perhaps a bitter plot meant to thumb his nose at the God he quietly worries left him behind in the Sudden Departure?

Next, the numeric portion of Matt’s address is visible in episode 7 of the show – it’s 316. This is likely a reference to John 3:16, the most well known verse in all of Christian scripture. While the exterior of the house clearly displays that everything collaborates with Matt’s traditional Christianity, episode 7 also gives us a new glimpse inside the house. Matt’s small band of followers have taken to creating public media. At first glance, the posters Matt is producing seem to support his loving mission of bringing GR members back to life. However, the GR makes it very clear at several points that Matt’s posters are much more effective at antagonizing them than proselytizing them. Perhaps that’s been Matt’s aim all along. Is the inside of Matt’s house (a factory for revenge?) actually a metaphor for what’s going on inside him?

Finally, Matt has given us ample reason to believe that he likes secrets. He has some sort of secret financial relationship with Kevin Sr. – whom he also briefly but secretly harbors from the law in episode 7. In the episode that focuses on Matt (Episode 3: Two Boats and A Helicopter), he executes secret action after secret action. While nuanced, Matt continues to move with secrets in plain sight of the people of Mapleton. One thing we know about secrets – they are rarely kept. My guess is that someone knows EXACTLY what Matt is up to. Is it Patti? Is that the nature of their unspoken beef? Is it Laurie? Is that why she confronted Matt with so much passion after the death of Gladys? Is it Dean? Or even Kevin Sr.? With Matt, we are left with a plethora of questions. In the final three episodes of the season, may we find at least a few answers.