Six Sightings of a Yet Unseen Force at Work in THE LEFTOVERS


1. THE SUDDEN VEHICLE DEATH INCIDENT – Kevin curses God.  His truck suddenly dies and then won’t start again. The look on Kevin’s face reveals that even he is having trouble dismissing the incident as mere coincidence. Is something (or someone) forcing him into the truck given to him by a mysterious stranger – a man that he was told has been sent to help him? Is the truck somehow part of that help?

2. THE UNCANNY CALL – Tommy is ready to give up all he has put his faith in. At the last possible moment, he throws out a fleece before the unseen. If any of this is to believed, Tommy needs to hear his phone ring. Every human alive has shared in this moment of collective experience. Miraculously, in Tommy’s case – it does. The voice on the other end isn’t Wayne, as Tommy hoped it would be. Instead, an ominous recording, that would force us to still volley between coincidence and unseen purpose, plays in his ear.

3. THE PROPHETIC DREAM – The naked man Tommy brawls with seems to be another disturbed individual struggling with the realities of the times, at first glance. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the man speaks of a dream he had that Christine was in. He prophesies that what he saw in the dream will soon be reality – Christine will be surrounded by bodies wrapped in white. Hours later, the man’s words come true.

4. THE CONVERSATION – Kevin’s father, after a conversation with an invisible being, mentions a man who has recently been sent to his son to help him. Again, a jaded Kevin is unable to completely dismiss the accuracy of his father’s one-sided conversation.

5. THE APPEARANCE OF THE DOGS – What happened to “our dogs”? A mysterious man has appeared in town telling Kevin that they are not “our dogs” anymore. What drives these dogs with such evil tendencies? Why do they appear to be the dogs we once owned and loved? Is the force that seems to be controlling the dogs benevolent or battling any good left in the human condition after the Sudden Departure?

6. THE SUDDEN DEPARTURE – Speaking of the Sudden Departure, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the human drama of the Garvey’s lives but what about exactly DID happen to the 2% of the world’s population that have been missing for three years? Something (or someone) is responsible for what happened. Will we find out the source, or like so much of the spiritually transcendent, will it be left to mystery?