1) HE IS A LONE WOLF. He’s lost his church, job and wife as he once knew her. His friends and family are constant sources of discouragement and NO ONE seems to be supportive of ANYTHING he’s trying to do. When a lone wolf is pushed out of the pack, that wolf becomes weak and vulnerable to attack. Matt Jamison has become the lone wolf of Mapleton, NY.

2) HE HAS A MISSION. The Sudden Departure was directly responsible for one of his most painful situations (his wife’s accident). He takes what people believe about the Sudden Departure personal. His mission is two-fold. First, to make known that those taken in the departure were not chosen for their goodness or because they were special. Second, to make known that the Sudden Departure was only a test for what is to come.

3) HE HAS HAD SYMPATHY FOR THE GR. We’ve seen Matt kindly bring clothes to members of the GR. We’ve seen him stop to help members of the GR that are brutally attacked, a move that ends up costing him dearly. Though we aren’t sure why, Matt seems to have a soft spot for the Guilty Remnant. Will Matt’s sympathy for the GR remain now that they have been revealed as the new owners of his church? Or will he have found a new force to place his anger on?

4) HE STRUGGLES WITH TEMPTATION. Though he cares for his disabled wife with tenderness, we can see Matt’s sexual life has suffered greatly since the Departure. Based on the contents of his dreams, he could be developing feelings for Laurie Garvey. At the very least, his sexual thoughts have begun to drift from his wife.

5) HE IS A MAN OF PASSION. He’s relentless about debunking some of the beliefs surrounding the Sudden Departure. He cannot abide letting others believe those who were taken were chosen because they were favored of God. He’s willing to lay on the line his reputation, his job, and physical well being for this passionate cause.

6) HE IS A MAN OF FAITH. His status as a leftover has not robbed him of the beliefs he has in God and the potential goodness of people. He continues to fight to save his church. He continues to visit the sick and broken. He continues to love others in very tangible ways. He lives out his faith in the midst of some very controversial convictions.

7) HE HAS PAID A PRICE FOR WHO HE IS. His mission of exposing those who were taken in the Sudden Departure has cost him status in the community and a great deal of his congregation. The “newsletter” he publishes to expose those who were taken has cost him in his relationship with his sister. Even his physical safety has become threatened as a result of living out his authentic self.

8) HE LOVES HIS FAMILY MORE THAN HIS MISSION. While it’s clear that Matt loves his family, as demonstrated in the tender bath he gives his wife. Matt also shows an unselfish act of love toward his sister when he tells her about her husband’s (who disappeared in the Sudden Departure) affair. Though it would fit with his mission, he tells her that he will not publish the truth about the man she loved in his “newsletter.”

9) HE HAS A DOPPLEGANGER. Matt greatly resembles the Biblical character of Job. Both men believe God is testing them, though they don’t know why. Both men have lost everything that is dear to them; yet somehow have retained their faith. Both men even believe that birds have been sent to guide them.

10) PEOPLE OWE HIM. Though we don’t yet know many details, he must have had a good relationship with Kevin Garvey, Sr. Their relationship was so significant that Garvey has left money for Matt’s use.

11) HE HAS IT OUT FOR A JUDGE. There was a significant bribe-taking judge in his past. Matt’s sister briefly mentions the situation. We see that Matt has even included this judge in his “newsletter.” Ironically, this is another factor that ties him to Job, who also had a vendetta against dishonest judges. (Job 12:17-20)

12) HIS PAST IS MYSTERIOUS AND PAINFUL. Matt’s dream gives us lots of insight into his backstory, his fears, and his guilt. Carl Jung could have written volumes about the dream/hallucination Matt experiences after being knocked unconscious. Of most interest is the presence of a young girl, a burning house, and the clear sense of regret.