REVIEW: The Leftovers Hurts, So Good

AMAZING examination of The Leftovers…


In the last few years, postapocalyptic dramas have been staggering across the TV landscape like flesh-eating walkers. (This summer, in TNT’s The Last Ship, a virus kills most of humanity; in Syfy’s Dominion, angels did us in.) Consider HBO’s The Leftovers (premieres June 29) a post-postapocalyptic drama–a moody, mournful story not concerned with why the world-shaking event happened but how people carry on afterward.

By the standards of fictional global disasters, The Leftovers’ is a teensy one, just a smidgen of apocalypse. Two percent of the world’s population is gone–not dead, but vanished one Oct. 14 in what is being called the Sudden Departure. It sounds like the Christian Rapture, but it’s utterly random. It takes babies and adults; Christians, Buddhists and atheists; the devout and the drug dealer; plus Gary Busey and the entire former cast of Perfect Strangers. All told, 140 million people…

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