1. It Will Create Controversy – The story is critical of politics on both sides of the aisle. Evangelical Christians are left guessing why the recent event does not align with the narrative they have professed for centuries, while scientists are portrayed as equally unable to explain the greatest mystery mankind has experienced. Every person and perspective is left lacking in the story, which will make it an equal-opportunity offender.
  2. It’s A Tom Perrotta Story – His work is a proven commodity when adapted for other media. Aside from The Leftovers, Perrotta’s novels include Election and Little Children, both critically acclaimed and commercially loved films.  He simply has a way of touching nerves with his stories and we are better for it.
  3. It Addresses Life’s Big Questions – The show centers around a supernatural event where 2% of the population suddenly vanish, forever answering the question  — is there something more? The fact that some are taken and some are not will lead us into discussions of what it truly means to be a good person or a bad person and if humans are born good and learn to become evil or born sinners and learn to redeem themselves. You will be unable to watch this show without asking one of life’s oldest questions. Why am I here? And what happens when I’m not?
  4. It Will Be Created By Damon Lindelof – Much has been said about Lindelof and his feelings about fan reactions to Lost’sconclusion. Someone as brilliant as Lindelof is going to use that experience to create something powerful for audiences. The man has a gift for using storytelling to intrigue us and get us talking around the water cooler. The Leftovers will be his finest work yet.
  5. It Takes An Unflinching Look At Humanity – Why do things work out for some people but not for me? Why do some people seem to be chosen for success? What about the rest of us? The Leftovers. Is there any motivation to continue on when we find out we’ve already lost the game? These questions and hundreds others are just below the surface in The Leftovers. By the season finale, we will be asking,  “What does it really mean to be human?”